The Energetics of Desire-led Manifestation
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Let me ask you something: are you manifesting from the mind or from the heart?

90% of people manifest from the mind. 

The old paradigm of conscious creation is based on “doing the manifestation work” - visualization, affirmations and convincing ourselves that we are worthy of our desires. 

Don’t get me wrong - it works and there is absolutely nothing wrong with manifesting this way. If it works for you - cool!

But, there is a much easier approach, one that does not require you to create anything from your mind. 

This is all about manifesting from your Soul. 

This process relies on embodying your Highest Self. You align your own vibration with the vibration of your Highest Self, and by doing this, you are opening and becoming a channel of what wants to be created through you. 

This is all about letting your Highest Self flow through you and allowing yourself to manifest the reality that it wants to create. 

This is the new paradigm of manifestation.

In this Masterclass, I teach you the exact process of how to do that. 

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